Welcome to the charming new accommodation in the Algarve

There’s a new space in the centre of Faro that promises to take you on a historical and cultural journey. With its fifteen charming apartments, the Palacete is inspired by the origins of the Portuguese people, offering you a stay with complete comfort. Like the narrow alleyways and cobbled streets, the apartments, were designed with […]

12 Restaurantes em Faro para saborear o melhor do Algarve

Se7e Pedras Faro

Mediterranean flavours are a key part of the Algarve’s culinary tradition, the origins of which date back to both Roman and Moorish occupation. A city steeped in tradition, Faro supplies diverse culinary options ranging from those made with the freshest of sea ingredients to those rich in earthy countryside flavours. Algarve-style snails, chorizo and bean-packed […]