Welcome to the charming new accommodation in the Algarve

There’s a new space in the centre of Faro that promises to take you on a historical and cultural journey.

With its fifteen charming apartments, the Palacete is inspired by the origins of the Portuguese people, offering you a stay with complete comfort. Like the narrow alleyways and cobbled streets, the apartments, were designed with the practicality in mind that is characteristic of the Portuguese people. Here, you’ll find everything you need for your stay, all in an elegant, minimalist style.


The Praça (Public Square), with its warm tones, is reminiscent of October afternoons and the smell of roasted chestnuts.


The simplicity of the Estação (Station) reminds us that we are all passengers, and that we will always have the sun to shine on us even on the coldest winter afternoon.


In the Da Vila (City), we go from moors to princes, breaking down walls of tiredness after a day well spent in the Cidade Velha (Old Quarter). For larger families, this room, together with its adjoining room, the Arco (Gateway), provide a true “Arco da Vila” in homage to the medieval gateway that stands in the city of Faro.


No man is an Island, but if you prefer to be alone, this apartment will embrace you each sunny morning.


The city may be called Faro nowadays, but in days gone by it was called Ossónoba. This apartment is a refuge where we can peel back the layers and reinvent ourselves with each new day.


In the Ria Formosa (name of nearby lagoon), you’ll understand why the ocean breeze and the sounds of the waves are natural calming influences.


Stay in the Esquina (Corner) if you prefer to tuck away every detail of the city, to carry with you in your heart.


In the Alameda (Gardens), the decorative details remind us of ethereal landscapes, in which we savour bohemian rhythms, festivals and textures.


From dried fruits to the scent of washing hanging out to dry, the Açoteia (Roof Terrace) pays homage to the Algarve heritage of whitewashed walls.


If boats and craft are your thing, we’ve got you covered. In the Marítimo (Maritime) you’ll discover routes to new destinations.


The Lethes is a river in Greek mythology. It is also the name of this centuries-old theatre in our city, and of this calm, serene apartment at the Palacete.


The marks of time may be imprinted in the Calçada (cobbled stones of the sidewalk), but this apartment will be the perfect space in which to rejuvenate yourself and gain a new lease of life.


In the (Cathedral) apartment, neutral tones and silence prevail, making this an ideal place to relax the senses. Outside the cathedral from which the apartment takes its name, the Sé de Faro, the senses are awakened by the sounds of seagulls and storks, the church bell, and the grilled windows of the restaurants.


And if one day in Faro isn’t enough to awaken your adventurous and erudite spirit, the Cais (Quay) promises to tell no-one.


The Palacete da Baixa is not only a charming hotel; it’s a cultural approach to the modern celebration of the past, and an ethnic revival of different lifestyles.

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